Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PTA Professional Edition Updates
Latest Update: Version 1.54 Build 1206 - October 11, 2008.

Build 1206 - Download Latest Cumulative Update - October 11, 2008
If the PTA Risk Assessment tool is already installed on your computer, we strongly recommend that you keep it up-to-date by downloading a free cumulative update with the latest improvements and bug fixes (4MB size; less than 1 minute download time, applicable for all previous versions of PTA).
Build 1206 introduces a revised reporting system which enables better aggregation and sorting of threat model data and analysis results. The new mechanism allows users to define simple Tags Filter queries which filter the data shown in reports according to the tags attached to the threat’s model entities.
Thanks to Andy Baron for his excellent tip on sorting report records at runtime and to Jerry Lee for his great help in defining the tags query UI.
Build 1206 is fully compatible with all existing PTA threat models and libraries versions.
If this is your first time with PTA, you are invited to visit our download area and get a full version of the PTA Professional Edition Risk Assessment tool.

Latest Support Notes :
If you encounter problems when trying to run PTA for the first time after installation:
Please have a look at section 8 in PTA Support & FAQ page which includes a few updated solutions regarding difficulties in running PTA on machines with Office 2007/2003 installed.
How do I know the current version of PTA installed on my computer?
Click the Help About menu option in PTA main menu. The About dialog displays the current PTA version and build number.